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Professional Workforce 

HADER serves the individual sector with several professional household services such as (cleaning, childcare, hospitality, accompanying the elderly) along with variety of other service. Hader services are divided into two main categories to suit our clients' needs.

Hourly Services

Offering hourly services for home visits ranging from 1 to 3 per week based on weekly or monthly contracts, starting from 1 month package up to 5 months 


Providing (1,2,3) visits during the week with weekly or monthly contracts starting from one month up to 5 months


It is characterized by flexibility in the number of service hours and the number of staff

Baby Sitter

Professionally trained in child care tasks (from one to two years old)

Hader Hourly

Morning shift from 9 am to 10:30 am
Evening shift from 5 pm to 6:30 pm

Full Time Services

Providing several professional household services with monthly contract, starting from one month up to 24 months 

Home Chef

A long-term home escort service specialized in caring for elderly and people with special needs. 

Baby Sitter

A long-term nanny who is specialized in caring for children from the age of two years old or older, and she takes care of the child and meets his/her needs. 

Personal driver 

Long term professional personal driver who is licensed, clean track record, with knowledge and experience on the designated area with the utilization of Google Maps. 


Long term housemaid who carries out home cleaning tasks with a high quality and perfection. 

House Escort

Long-term home escort service specialized in caring for the elderly or people with special needs 

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