Why Choosing Us?

Standing out so you can move forward

Our dedication to detail and pursuit of excellence guides us. At ESAD Services Group (ESG) we create and deliver one-stop integrated services that are customized to meet your unique needs, wherever you are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). We even go the extra mile by using our expertise to provide whatever staffing and outsourcing services you might need. In other words, we work hard to offer you innovative and effective solutions that empower you with the time and peace of mind to focus on your own work.

Our Value Proposition

Vast International Networking +50 Accredited Recruiting Offices in 22 Different Countries, guaranteeing you have access to the highest quality people in the shortest time.

Highly Qualified, Professional & Experienced Service Providers

Comprehensive & Integrated Services that covers Procuring, Training and Orientation, Accommodation & Transportation, and much more. 

Convenient Cashflow Solutions including allocating the recruitment costs of staff over the contract duration instead of the traditional approach.

Ready Visas for 100+ Professions so there’s no delay or wait and you have more choices.

Administrative and Operational Costs’ Savings (from 10 to 30%) with no requirement to allocate an additional budget to manage staffing & outsourcing.

Different Types of Contracts and Pricing to Suit your Needs.

Outstanding After Sales Services including Online Platforms for self-service, a dedicated client account manager, and 24/7 call center.

Vision 2030

Quality of Life 

Our dedication to excellence plays a role in upgrading the quality of services provided across cities in Saudi


Our solutions not only help our clients do business better but also raise the standards of services provided to citizens. Our landscaping services encompass protecting and rehabilitating natural landscapes. And we actively hire women to increase women’s participation in the job market.

National Industrial
Development and

National industrial development and logistics We hire Saudis in diverse industries in a bid to strengthen non-oil sectors.

Health Transformation 

Our staffing, outsourcing, recruitment, and manned services forte in turn improves the quality and efficiency of health services and enhances traffic safety. This is because we find the right people for each job

Recognitions & Certifications